Anime werewolf pack

About Us

      I belive that everyone has their inner wolf. Wolves are seriously misunderstood animals that are taught to children to be feard, but are actually very family orrianted animals that avoid people. I read in a book that you are actually more likely to be killed by a toaster than to be attacked by a wild animal, much less a wolf. I hope people can understand how majestic and beautiful these animals are. Native americans worshiped the wolf and often followed there ways, they have very big family bonds, natives often followed them because wolves often followed the buffalo herds. They are decreasing in numbers mostly because of people taking up territory and other ways. I hope that wolves will someday be known as a great creature and live on forever. This website is just mainly about a fictional werewolf pack that although would be tottaly awesome if it could be true, but just imagination that helps get me through the day. I hope you enjoy!


 Zilirea- Quiet and shy. Alone, often walking around with gray hoodie on. Enjoys shooting and hunting. Learned to control anger from kids beating her in school. Patience, swiftness, and dissapearing are main compontents to living in life to her.

Shadow/ Nighthunter (Formal pack name)- Last member left from a broken pack. Very skilled and expert hunter. Strength and hope keep her going from a lonely world.

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